What should you do if you are injured at work?

The WorkCover Queensland Act 1996 encourages injured workers to seek early rehabilitation for their injuries.

  • Early Diagnosis of work-related injury.
  • Effective treatment assisting recovery from injury.
  • Less time off work or improved performance at work.

Insurers usually advocate and support early intervention of injured workers and have collaborated alongside the Australian Physiotherapy Association to give you information that helps in your treatment.

  1. Inform your supervisor as soon as an incident has occurred. Your supervisor should provide you with the information or forms required to make a claim. If you or your supervisor are unsure of what to do, please contact WorkCover on 1300 362 128.


Note: Please note that some Queensland companies provide their own workers’ compensation insurance, so your claim may be managed within your company rather than through WorkCover Queensland.


  1. Go to your doctor or GP as soon as possible to report the injury and obtain a specific WorkCover medical certificate. Your doctor should provide you with a referral letter for physiotherapy.
  1. Keep a copy of all your WorkCover documents.
  2. Send the following documents to WorkCover:
  • A completed Application for Compensation claim form
  • A WorkCover Medical Certificate covering any physiotherapy treatment or
  • medical intervention
  • An Employer Declaration form (if you are seeking compensation for time off
  • work).
  1. Check with WorkCover as to whether there are any other specific forms which need to be completed. It is important to get your forms in to WorkCover as quickly as possible. You have 28 days from first seeing a GP and your employer has 10 days to notify WorkCover of the injury.

Book online or call Ventelite Physiotherapy on 0730875380 to arrange an initial appointment with a physiotherapist at Ventelite, and let our friendly staff at the front know either over phone or in person at the clinic that you are making an appointment under a WorkCover claim.

We usually would ask you for a claim number and/or the contact details of you case manager. Bring in your doctor’s referral letter and WorkCover medical certificate with you to your initial consultation. We will also require details (name and contact phone numbers) of your employer and supervisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. However, the Insurer is unable to guarantee payment for the service until your claim is accepted. At this stage the physiotherapist will ask you to pay for the service up front. If your claim is accepted, you will be reimbursed as per the workers’ compensation fee schedule. There will be a small gap between this and the physiotherapist’s fee. If your claim is not accepted, you will not be reimbursed by WorkCover.

  • A clinical thorough and detailed assessment of your injury and symptoms.
  • Development of a treatment plan for your injury focused on returning you to your previous level of function and relieving your symptoms.
  • Progression of your treatment plan to reach your targeted goals.

Once Ventelite Physiotherapy has received a referral from your treating medical practitioner, the physiotherapist can provide up to 5 treatments without seeking insurer approval. Should you require more than this, the Physiotherapist will contact your case manager to request further treamtnet approval, in consultation with your treating doctor. If the claim is not accepted, the injured worker will be responsible for paying further treatments out of pocket.

The Case Manager / Rehabilitation Counsellor for the Insurer approves further treatment. They will make a decision in consultation with your treating doctor and physiotherapist. Their role is to assist and coordinate all people involved in your recovery (including your Workplace rehabilitation Coordinator) to achieve the best results for you.

Work Cover Contact details:

Work Cover Phone 1300362128  or visit the WorkCover website at www.workcoverqld.com.au